Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ain't Ain't-It-Cool Cool?...

Awesome. So I got my first ever review published at Ain't It Cool News, so that's pretty cool. Part of it is just me getting over-geeky, but more importantly I wanted to get some attention for Deadroom. It's not really something that I think most people are going to go out of their way to see, unless word gets around that it's really good. Doing my part for the little films.

I have to say, the festival this year has been fairly kick-ass so far. There have been way too many "technical difficulty" delays, incorrect framings and audio issues, but the films themselves have been really good. I don't have time yet to publish the full report, but I saw the music video program and two really good films: Tell Them Who You Are and The Puffy Chair. I can highly recommend both of them. Check the SXSW Website for more info, of course. I'm off to try my damnedest to get into Unleashed.


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